no buy zone: i’m in the majority?

Today one of my favorite writers, Shauna Niequist, posted that her dad’s newest book was being released today.

And what I really wanted to say before my blog post so rudely ran off and posted itself on Facebook and everywhere else is that I made a comment on Shauna’s blog. She is giving away 20 copies of her dad’s book, Simplicity, and I thought I might get lucky. There were some comments already posted, but I threw my hat in the ring, so to speak, and followed Shauna’s directions: Tell me what you’d simplify.

No doubt about it, I want to continue to simplify my life by getting rid of my excess and that’s what I wrote. Posted how excess hit me in the face after one of my 3-month stints in Africa. Posted that I wanted to continue to give stuff away and not replace it–hence my No Buy Zone.

And, I signed up to have any follow-up comments emailed to me. I wanted to see what was plaguing other people. Curiosity. What was I thinking?

Over the course of the day I received 592 emailed comments. 592 does not include the hundred or so that were already posted before I made my comment. I repeat, what was I thinking?

Did I read them all? Of course not. But I did read a random sampling of them this evening. Want to know what the most common answer was? I’m going to tell you anyway.



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